Spider-Man Mask With Functional Shutter Lenses

Spider-Man Mask With Functional Shutter LensesIt’s pretty cool how the eyes of Spider-Man’s mask can express emotions, despite the fact that it is a mask. In comic books that is easy to illustrate, but not so easy when a real person is in a costume. Marvel Studios had to use CG to alter Spidey’s eyes for Tom Holland. Cosplayers don’t use CG, so what can they do? Will we ever get proper Spidey eyes? Well, thanks to Lenses Factory HK, cosplayers can emote with Spidey’s eyes by using this cool Spider-Man mask.

They created functional shutter lenses for the eyes in their Spidey costumes. A limited and very small quantity will go on sale on April 2, 2017.

via Geektyrant

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