The Joker’s Trophy Wall Recreated In Creepy Photograph

Brian Bolland’s illustration “Joker Trophy Wall” is a classic and terrifying work of art. The Joker is sitting around enjoying his pipe and a drink in front of the heads of dead and mounted superheroes. How can it get more horrifying you ask? Well, cosplayer and photographer Anthony Misiano brought it to life as a photograph that is every bit as chilling as the original.

If you are a Joker fan who needs this for your wall, (and aren’t we all?) Misiano is selling autographed 11×17″ copies at his shop. In all, this took 45 individual photographs to create. There were 16 photos of the Joker alone. Well, it all worked out perfectly. That is a super scary scene.

joker trophy wall

joker trophy wall

via io9

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