Serenity Ship 1:250 Scale Cutaway Replica

Serenity is such a beautiful ship. The detail on this Cutaway Replica is amazing and it has over 200 hand-painted parts. This 1:250 scale replica is as accurate as can be had, since it was made using the original 3-D effects from the Firefly TV series. It is a limited edition of just 2,000 pieces!

You can even lift up the upper hull sections, which attach to the lower half of the model using magnets. Then you can marvel at the cockpit, main corridor and galley furnished with chairs, consoles, rugs and storage lockers. All of those sets are reproduced inside. It measures 13-inches from nose to tail, 8 1/2-inches from wingtip to wingtip, and 3 1/2-inches from bottom of the cargo bay to the peak of the cockpit. This is a must own for Firefly fans.


serenity cutaway

serenity cutaway

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