ORBOT CGI Short Film

Is there anything that ORBOT can not do? Watch this CGI short from Giovanni Bocchi and find out. This impressive short looks absolutely smashing and although ORBOT has a simple design, it is amazing how much personality Giovanni was able to give it as the robot overcomes one obstacle after another. Now my only question is, where can I buy one?

Welcome to the ORBOT System 1.0: the perfect way by which you can improve your life.
Orbot’s artificial intelligence is limited, but it is able to learn very quickly from the experience and to rework information to overcome obstacles never met before.

Its versatility combined with its learning ability makes it a perfect all-rounder machine used in a variety of non-industrial occupations. The various gadgets available are sold separately in order to customize your device according to your practical needs. Its power is provided by a set of nuclear cells and their continuous operation is guaranteed for life.

WARNING: Orbot does not have a soul.




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